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Don’t Cater to the Haters

Conquering FearRecently, I conquered a fear that was holding me back a long time.It wasn’t some monumental achievement. Quite the opposite! It was simply posting a video on Facebook—A personal one, where I’m rambling, stream of consciousness style, while breathing hard… I had been running some sprints during my morning cardio and wanted to share a message. […]

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March 31, 2017

Happiness: A Journey or The Destination?

When you’re trapped in The Gap, it can feel like happiness is out of reach.You’re stuck—judging yourself based upon an ideal.The trick to breaking through the gap is to reverse it.Rather than comparing yourself to a constantly shifting ideal, measure yourself by how far you’ve come.The Reverse GapRemember back to when you first started your […]

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March 28, 2017

The Gap Before Happiness

Never EnoughHave you ever hit a big goal, just to be left thinking: “Is that it? What now?”Or maybe “Oh, that’s nice, but I’m still not good enough. I have still far to go!”Why is it that some of the most successful people seem to be perpetually stressed, unhappy, or self-destructive?​Mind GamesA lot of high-performing people […]

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