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Don’t Cater to the Haters

Conquering Fear

Recently, I conquered a fear that was holding me back a long time.
It wasn't some monumental achievement. Quite the opposite!

It was simply posting a video on Facebook—
A personal one, where I'm rambling, stream of consciousness style, while breathing hard...
I had been running some sprints during my morning cardio and wanted to share a message.
Here it is, in it's grainy glory:

A powerful realization sparked me creating this video.
I realized I had been holding my own growth back because I was 'Catering to the Haters'.​

I was blocking myself from growth because I was choosing to prioritize the nay-sayers.

How much do we hold back our own greatness?
How often does fear prevent you from reaching your potential?​

Self-Created Constraints

I've wanted to create these videos for awhile, but I kept holding back...
Procrastinating. Waiting for the perfect day or message. Afraid of not being perfect.
What I was really doing was avoiding taking action because I was afraid.

I was afraid of being ridiculed, judged, or hated-on for presenting a raw version of myself.

This was a self-created constraint.
Limiting myself from becoming better and doing something that would help me grow and help others.​

We all do this.

We all have limiting beliefs and destructive behaviors that serve to protect the illusory needs of our fragile ego.​

A Realization​

What prompted this action? A realization that shifted my mindset.

I'm currently reading The Artist's Way​. It's a book about cultivating and reclaiming the creative artist that resides in us all. I highly recommend it.

A main tenant of this book is the Morning Pages ritual.
Essentially every morning you write down 3 pages of non-stop stream of consciousness. The only rules are that you do it as early as possible, and you get out three full pages, hand written.​

The Morning Pages help you clear your mind of all the ideas, worries, bibble-babble, and open loops that are floating around, clogging up your creative energy.​ It is surprisingly transformative. I urge you to practice it.

The realization I had during my first session of Morning Pages was that I was Catering to my Haters by not creating and sharing content that showed genuine and raw sides of myself.​

Why would we want to cater to the people who bring us down?
This makes no sense!​

Doing this serves the hater—Not the people who want our help!​

Don't Give Away Your Power

If you allow the opinions of others to control your actions—
You are giving away your power.

You must do what YOU want to do to create the life you desire.

There will always be the haters, the nay-sayers, the people who are jealous, or just want to see you fail to validate their own lack of success. Do not cater to those people. Do not cater to those haters.

Instead, create and share your message for those who resonate with you.

This is how you find your calling. How you build a tribe.
How you will find meaning and fulfillment in your life.

Share Your Story—Build Your Dream

Your story is meant to be shared!
And if someone doesn't like it—who cares!?

Believe me, sometimes you will stammer or stutter. 
Sometimes your message will come out confusing or wrong.
It's not going to be easy. You will make mistakes.

But getting it out in to the world is how we find clarity.
It will help you grow. It will help you connect to those who want and need your help. 

Holding back on building your dreams to cater to the imaginary hater is a tragedy.

Don't hide your gifts from the world because of those who don't deserve them.

Share your dream! It's how you manifest it in to reality.

Matt McLaughlin

Entrepreneur. Strength & Transformation Coach. Perpetual Student.

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