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March 28, 2017

The Gap Before Happiness

Never Enough

Have you ever hit a big goal, just to be left thinking: "Is that it? What now?"
Or maybe "Oh, that's nice, but I'm still not good enough. I have still far to go!"

Why is it that some of the most successful people seem to be perpetually stressed, unhappy, or self-destructive?​

Mind Games

A lot of high-performing people are secret self-loathers too.
No matter how well things are going, they find the flaw or how things could be better.

I am one of these people. If I let myself slip in to bad mindset habits.

It's possible that this self-imposed idyllic standard is what fuels their success.
It's their drive to keep chasing "better" that constantly pushes them forward.

But it's also a source of chronic stress and ultimately a roadblock to what we all really want: Happiness.

Believe it or not—this stress is a figment of our imagination.
It's a completely avoidable, self-destructive habit called being "Trapped in The Gap."

The Gap

Let’s call the distance between where you are now and where you want to be, The Gap.
It’s the chasm separating you from where happiness hides.
It’s the path you must conquer to reach your ideal life.

But here’s the problem. It’s two-fold.

1. “Ideal” by its very nature doesn’t exist.

2. You probably don’t realize happiness is a state. Not a destination.

If you’re like me, you have lofty goals.
You want to hold yourself to a high standard.

How better to judge yourself than by your ability to achieve those goals?

But, the gap is nebulous and ever lengthening. Always taunting you. Comparing you to an ideal.
As we make progress, it just keeps spreading. Always just out of reach.

When things don’t turn out like we planned, we judge ourselves by the progress we haven’t even achieved yet.

Do you see the trap?

We’re using a measuring stick that just keeps growing. And we never seem to stack up. 
We never meet the ideal. Because ideal doesn’t exist.

This makes success and happiness a mirage—always out of reach. No matter how far you've come.

So—how do we capture this elusive thing we call being happy?

Happiness: A Journey or The Destination?

Matt McLaughlin

Entrepreneur. Strength & Transformation Coach. Perpetual Student.

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Joe McLaughlin - March 29, 2017 Reply

Good stuff Matt!